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My Killer Games

Welcome to My Killer Games!
Video games are more popular than ever and we have them all Fighting Games, Killing Games, Action Games, Racing Games... did we mention Fighting Games and Killing Games!. Everyone loves the Free Games we have from shooting games, to adventure, to simple flash games about nothing at all. At My Killer Games we have a huge collection of what we believe are the best free online games you will ever find. Some of the games we host here, other games we will direct you to one of our online arcade friends to play there instead. We know you will love the games we have chosen for you.
Come to our site anytime and you will find the newest fighting games to play. You will always love our choices in action games. We also have the latest in adventure games and even some awesome sports games like baseball, and basketball games. There are also a fine selection of dress up games as well for all the girls. Mario and Sonic games are here for the asking and you can play superhero games here as well. Heck we even have retro games for the old timers and all the new ones too for you young uns'! We know you will love our site!
Happy Gaming from My Killer Games. Your home for fighting games and killing games.